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What is a Gastropub? Here is our definition

Gastronomy: The art or Science of good eating
Pub (Public House): A drinking establishment influenched by British cultural heritage.

A gastropub is a tavern serving high quality beers, wines and spirits, accompanied by great food utilizing fresh local ingredients.

The gastropub movement started in the early 90’s in London, England.  The idea of taking an existing pub, injecting a gourmet chef, and elevating the experience for its patrons crossed the pond and has been permeating this country for a few years now.  Only recently  Orange County became a destination for such fare, now we intend on making San Antonio the new destination.Knife & Fork Gastropub’s mission is to provide high quality, freshly prepared food at reasonable prices, maintaining purveyors of local or organic produce, sustainable seafood, and humanely raised meat and poultry as often as possible.



Expanded Draft Beer Selection.

Check out our draft selection Below atTAPLISTER! Updated frequently.


Knife & Fork Gastropub on taplister

Kitchen Hours 11AM-10PM
Bar Hours 3PM-2AM

Brunch 11AM-4PM
Dinner 4PM-10PM

Walk Right In! If You Have a Party Of 6 or More, Let Us Know!